Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Keys Vacation

We're back from our Keys Vacation and Princess got quite a few looks!  We did have a hiccup with the air conditioner - we unclogged the drain; however, I think the tray underneath needs to be replaced.  There is quite a bit of leakage into the camper and there is damage to the floor which will need to be replaced again.  (Sigh). Other than that we got our new tent from Paha Que.  It worked out really well!

The camper with the new Paha Que Tent!

John Pennekamp State Park


Sundowners, Key Largo

Sundowners, Key Largo

Glass Bottom Boat from John Pennekamp

Loralei, Islamorada

Theater of the Sea, Islamorada

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Camping trip to Blue Springs State Park

We have returned once again from another successful camping trip at the beautiful Blue Springs State Park.  I have lost track of the number of camping trips I've taken my daughter on - I think we are at number 14.  Her very first was when she was eight weeks old!

Here are a few snapshots from our trip!  

Blue Springs State Park

Blue Springs State Park

Blue Springs State Park

My mom and daughter at Blue Springs State Park

Blue Springs State Park

Blue Springs State Park

Blue Springs State Park

Monday, July 9, 2012

Girls Trip to Faver Dykes State Park, St Augustine, Florida

Greetings! I just got back from our camping trip to St Augustine. Yes I am crazy and yes, it was definitely hot and yes, there was mosquitoes the size of Texas. But you know what? I'm a camper and I love it.

Ok so I do have AC in my trailer but I still consider it camping. Hey I know what it's like....I tented for many years and I've ventured three times into the deserts of Arizona with a tent for two weeks at a time. No running water and scorpions.

This time we spent the days staying as cool as we could. First thing in the morning we hit our favorite zoological park, the Alligator Farm, then right afterwards we hit a nice splash park, we ate lunches out and visited the farmers market. In the evenings we enjoyed a few glasses of wine and my daughter roasted up some marshmallows. This was an all girls trip - no boys allowed!

Here are just a few pics from our adventure.

Mythbusters was here!

This is where my daughter takes over for the photography.

Me and mom
I was ordered to BE SILLY.

Present Moment Cafe - Raw and Vegan Options

Our very patient waitress at Present Moment Cafe

Another nice shot care of my daughter

Notice the clean ceiling

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

And unfortunately no food shots! We were too hungry after the splash park to remember to take a photo of the most important part.
Our very messy camp site - no judgement - packing to leave the next morning.
Here is my daughter trying to roast marshmallows over our smoke signal fire.
I swear that wood must have been wet.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maiden Voyage Since Repairs

Skidway Island State Park

We just returned from the first campout with my camper since major water damage repairs forced her out of commission for about seven months. Her first venture out was quite a success at Skidway State Park near Savannah, Georgia.

Saturday morning we hit the Forsyth Farmers Market, by far one of the best I have ever been to. TONS of fresh organic produce, gorgeous flower, honey, fresh breads, dips and sauces, coffees and more.
Forsyth Farmers Market, Savannah, Georgia

Upon arrival one of the first things we got to do was plant a bean plant with my daughter's name - they said that next time we came back and it had sprouted we could take it home. What a cute idea! I hope ours goes to a great home.

One of the highlights of the market was meeting Rejanne from Moonthyme Garden and Nursery. I noticed she had amaranth - a type of grain. She patiently explained about the growing cycle and how to dry and clean it so I went ahead and bought some along with some gorgeous lime basil. If you are in the Savannah area, do check out her fresh herbs and veggies - to get in contact with her, her email is
Rejanne Dunmow from Moonthyme Garden & Nursery
Pineapple Sage

Walker Farms
I also spent some time speaking with Walker Farms - a local (to that area) organic farm. What caught my eye were the gorgeous beans and carrots. I love anything unique and these certainly were! They also had fresh cut flower and tons of other super fresh produce.

Walker Farms
Next I came across Farm a la Carte - what I loved was her food truck/farm stand. It was lined with wooden crates filled with fruits and veggies and she was also selling cheese, meats and eggs, as well as what looked like sauces.

Farm a la Carte
I could definitely see me in a similar set up. Hmm.....I shall add this to my "Vision Board". I wish I could have spoken with her but every time I walked by there was a line. It must be good!

Farm a la Carte - Forsyth Farmers Market, Savannah, Georgia
We returned to Skidway Island State Park and smashed up some guacamole from veggies we had on hand, and then cooked up corn, peppers, onions and beans on the fire. 
Peppers and Onions from the Forsyth Farmers Market

Fresh Corn from Forsyth Farmers Market

A good time was had by all. If you are in the Savannah area be sure to check out the Forsyth Farmers Market located on the south end of Forsyth Park.