Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trip to Crooked River State Park!

December 17, 2014
My T@B Trailer. #394, built in 2004 (rebuilt by me in 2011.)
 Crooked River State Park is a quiet, family oriented, Georgia park. Over Christmas they had lots of activities for kids such as a hay ride, crafts and a bonfire!  
We spent the day in St Mary's Georgia, visiting the small farmers market and the beautiful coastline village with a view of Cumberland Island.  The weather was absolutely perfect!

During the day, after touring one of the beautiful historic homes in the area, we dined at the Riverside Café - interestingly, a Greek restaurant. The food is fresh and their dressings are homemade. I highly suggest checking it out.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Manatee Springs

Our friends Justine and Kerry joined us on our adventure with their new baby and their new pop-up camper - this time we traveled to Manatee Springs!  August was the perfect time to go - so hot that the springs are really refreshing. We found it best just to dive right in. For plant based eaters there isn't much along the lines of quality restaurants in the area so we brought the majority of our food in and enjoyed lots of salads, bean quesadillas and even vegan chili.

Watch out for the deer ticks under the trees though - this time of year is BAD. They are tiny so be sure to check yourself several times a day.

Princess at Manatee Springs

Princess at Manatee Springs

First campout at Manatee Springs!

Gorgeous woodpecker at Manatee Springs

Our friend's new pop-up!

Enjoying Manatee Springs

Enjoying Manatee Springs

Enjoying Manatee Springs

The water is gorgeous!

Blue water at Manatee Springs

Watching the St Bernards swim!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to Little Talbot Island!

Little Talbot Island is one of my favorite campgrounds. I was so excited to be able to get in there!

We hit some serious storms on this campout and lost our tailgate tent; however, we still got some great paddle boarding, kayaking and shopping in. A great time was had by all!

Monday, June 16, 2014


There are four campouts to catch you up on before we take out my T@B in two weeks (FINALLY). After my dad passed away, my mom's Lance slide in became too much for me to drive - the truck swaying into other lanes as I drove down the road. I took a bunch of photos of it though, because this was my Dad's camper. It had lots of sentimental value. I cried like a baby when we traded her in.

We got her a travel trailer that would accommodate my mom, me and my daughter and my hubby, Chris, should he ever decide to join us.  I have dubbed this camper "Shamu".

After the last trip to Skidaway we went to the Keys in March and stayed at John Pennekamp and had a blast.

Visiting the giant lobster in Islamorada is a must!
Our next trip was the first one in "Shamu" to Anastasia State Park. I feel like a complete camping sellout when I'm in this one, but it is nice and comfortable for my mom, and we are sure to still enjoy the fire, outdoors and stargaze. My husband Chris even drove down after work to join us!
We visited the farmers market and paddle boarded in the inlet, watching dolphins frolic a few feet away! The St Augustine Amphitheater is just nearby, so we could hear Darius Rucker live that night, right from the campground!

Next up we hit Manatee Springs in May. Unfortunately there had been tons of flooding so there had been no swimming, but we still had a great time. The deer are really friendly, we explored the campground and went kayaking and paddle boarding every morning.

Finally, we went back to Skidaway last weekend, and this time invited friends to join us. We went swimming in the Intracoastal, walked downtown Savannah, visited the Forsyth Farmers Market, did a wine tasting and enjoyed the campground.


Next two campouts are with my T@B. I can't wait!!!!!!!