Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is nestled among the small towns of South Carolina, just over the border from Savannah, GA.

The town of Beaufort is 20 short minutes away and offers great shopping and dining. The surrounding marshes are great for fishing and paddle boarding.

The real gem of this campground is it's beachfront property. Beautiful sands and a lighthouse to visit are fun for adults and kids of all ages. 

Just a few tips....if you go in September and you're in the woodsy section - bring the bug spray. LOTS. The mosquitoes were a doozy. 

Also, if you venture into town be sure you call ahead. Many of the restaurants aren't open on Sunday. 



If you're driving by Savannah stop at the Green Truck Pub on the way into town. We stopped on the way up AND the way back home. 

I suggest the El Camino salad (no artery clogging, waste band extending and skin dulling cheese or sour cream) add their 100% mouth-watering veggie burger on top.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Salt Springs State Park

Salt Springs in April 2015 

(Sorry this post is so late!) I just realized I never posted the photos!

We really enjoyed Salt Springs - there were plusses and minuses.

The up sides:
- the springs are absolutely beautiful and I suggest walking down there in the early morning or late evening when the crowds are gone. It's quiet and simply magical.
- it took us only an hour to get there from the Fruit Cove area so if you're in North Florida it's not a long drive.

The down sides:
- keep in mind if you visit that you'll need to bring your own food in. There's not much in the way of fine dining around any of the springs unless you like gelatinous meats, fried foods and vegetables that have been cooked to death.
-the campground has NO privacy. It's basically an open field and you'd better like what your neighbors are up to because you'll all be friends after camping there.

Here are some of our pics....

You can put all your things for the day on concrete tables under the oak trees or right along the ledge so you can keep an eye on the springs. Be sure to get there early to put your stuff where you want it!
There is only one entryway into the springs - the stairs in the photo above.

Boaters park their boats right outside the springs, set up tables and umbrellas and swim up into the springs.

Remember to bring your snorkel gear so you can look down into the springs!

Open camping spots. Not much shade.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trip to Crooked River State Park!

December 17, 2014
My T@B Trailer. #394, built in 2004 (rebuilt by me in 2011.)
 Crooked River State Park is a quiet, family oriented, Georgia park. Over Christmas they had lots of activities for kids such as a hay ride, crafts and a bonfire!  
We spent the day in St Mary's Georgia, visiting the small farmers market and the beautiful coastline village with a view of Cumberland Island.  The weather was absolutely perfect!

During the day, after touring one of the beautiful historic homes in the area, we dined at the Riverside Café - interestingly, a Greek restaurant. The food is fresh and their dressings are homemade. I highly suggest checking it out.