Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to Little Talbot Island!

Little Talbot Island is one of my favorite campgrounds. I was so excited to be able to get in there!

We hit some serious storms on this campout and lost our tailgate tent; however, we still got some great paddle boarding, kayaking and shopping in. A great time was had by all!

Monday, June 16, 2014


There are four campouts to catch you up on before we take out my T@B in two weeks (FINALLY). After my dad passed away, my mom's Lance slide in became too much for me to drive - the truck swaying into other lanes as I drove down the road. I took a bunch of photos of it though, because this was my Dad's camper. It had lots of sentimental value. I cried like a baby when we traded her in.

We got her a travel trailer that would accommodate my mom, me and my daughter and my hubby, Chris, should he ever decide to join us.  I have dubbed this camper "Shamu".

After the last trip to Skidaway we went to the Keys in March and stayed at John Pennekamp and had a blast.

Visiting the giant lobster in Islamorada is a must!
Our next trip was the first one in "Shamu" to Anastasia State Park. I feel like a complete camping sellout when I'm in this one, but it is nice and comfortable for my mom, and we are sure to still enjoy the fire, outdoors and stargaze. My husband Chris even drove down after work to join us!
We visited the farmers market and paddle boarded in the inlet, watching dolphins frolic a few feet away! The St Augustine Amphitheater is just nearby, so we could hear Darius Rucker live that night, right from the campground!

Next up we hit Manatee Springs in May. Unfortunately there had been tons of flooding so there had been no swimming, but we still had a great time. The deer are really friendly, we explored the campground and went kayaking and paddle boarding every morning.

Finally, we went back to Skidaway last weekend, and this time invited friends to join us. We went swimming in the Intracoastal, walked downtown Savannah, visited the Forsyth Farmers Market, did a wine tasting and enjoyed the campground.


Next two campouts are with my T@B. I can't wait!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Skidaway ~ In the "Big" Camper

The day after Christmas, 2013, we took our first trip trip back to Skidaway Island State Park since losing Dad. This was a park my dad loved. He would walk out to the marsh to catch fiddler crabs for fishing.

 It was a bitter sweet trip. We had fun, but it was sad.

We walked around downtown Savannah.

Met my college roomie and her family at the Green Truck Pub, listened to live music in City Market, walked around the farmers market....

....and we hiked out to the marsh.

While enjoying the sunshine we couldn't help but think Dad was watching over us.
We miss you and love you Dad!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

High Falls State Park, Georgia

October of 2013 we visited High Falls State Park, Georgia. All I can say is - absolutely gorgeous! A must visit ~ be sure to hike the falls!
Site 16 at High Falls State Park, GA

Before arriving at High Falls State Park I was a bit nervous. There weren't many photos on line and it didn't appear that there was much to do around the park or any plant based restaurants to try....but I was wrong!

Site 16 at High Falls State Park, GA
We got in a bit late and got camp set up - right on the stream.  The leaves were just prior to turning but a few of them were showing their true colors.

High Falls State Park, GA
I love the hills and tall trees around the campground with semi-secluded spots that invite friendly chatting but are large and private enough to hunker down around the fire.

The weather was chilly for us Floridians so we were excited to bundle up!

Going for a walk at High Falls State Park, GA
Lots of walks were taking up and down the hills - just for fun. We don't have such things in North Florida.

Dauset Animal Preserve near High Falls State Park, GA
Dauset Trails is a must-see.  It is about 10 minutes from the park and they care for sick or injured animals that can not be released back to the wild.  The intention is to educate children and increase awareness. The staff was so helpful and inviting.

Dauset Animal Preserve near High Falls State Park, GA
Even the grounds are worth the trip just to walk around.  The land was placed in to a trust by a wealthy entrepreneur who loved the pristine environment and animals that inhabit it.

Going to check out the black bear at Dauset Animal Preserve near High Falls State Park, GA
Not only are there injured animals being cared for, there is also a reptile room and farm animals.  The cost is free except for a donation!

High Falls State Park, GA
Before the falls there is a large dam and lake with water sports available in the summer.  

High Falls State Park, GA
We couldn't wait to start hiking!

High Falls State Park, GA
There are both stairs and a hiking path for you to take your pick!

High Falls State Park, GA

High Falls State Park, GA

High Falls State Park, GA
Don't forget to look up at the beautiful foliage at High Falls State Park!

High Falls State Park, GA
The mist off the stream is just gorgeous in the October mornings.

High Falls State Park, GA
One wonderful surprise was that the Fried Green Tomato Festival was going on that weekend! Little did we know the movie Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed about 25 minutes away in the quaint little town of Juliette. The townsfolk were obviously a close knit group and were so welcoming. We enjoyed walking around, looking at crafts and enjoying perfectly fried green tomatoes. YUM.

Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette

Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette
Live music in the little town of Juliette

Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette
We walked around the Whistle Stop Trading Post - actually shown in the movie!

Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette
Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette
And here is the famous Whistle Stop Cafe with plant based menu items! My only regret is that I didn't go in and get the fried green tomato salad. Next time!

 Whistle Stop Cafe at Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette
Some local ladies baked cakes to win money for charities. My daughter took her chance at the "cake walk" game.
Cake Walk at Fried Green Tomato Festival, Juliette
I leave you with some panoramic shots of the falls.

High Falls State Park

High Falls State Park

High Falls State Park

High Falls State Park