Friday, September 5, 2014

Manatee Springs

Our friends Justine and Kerry joined us on our adventure with their new baby and their new pop-up camper - this time we traveled to Manatee Springs!  August was the perfect time to go - so hot that the springs are really refreshing. We found it best just to dive right in. For plant based eaters there isn't much along the lines of quality restaurants in the area so we brought the majority of our food in and enjoyed lots of salads, bean quesadillas and even vegan chili.

Watch out for the deer ticks under the trees though - this time of year is BAD. They are tiny so be sure to check yourself several times a day.

Princess at Manatee Springs

Princess at Manatee Springs

First campout at Manatee Springs!

Gorgeous woodpecker at Manatee Springs

Our friend's new pop-up!

Enjoying Manatee Springs

Enjoying Manatee Springs

Enjoying Manatee Springs

The water is gorgeous!

Blue water at Manatee Springs

Watching the St Bernards swim!

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