Sunday, February 26, 2012

All In - I've Got to Keep Going

In my last post I told you how things were moving along with repairs and I was debating on whether to close her back up and call it a day.

But I still smelled mold.

Dad came over to check it out with me.

"Ahhh...this doesn't look good Dawny", he said.

No, this most certainly did not look good.

We took the trim and glued aluminum sheet completely off the back panel.

...And ripped that sucker out.
This is the back of the camper under the last bed cushion.

Now I knew why I was still smelling mold.

The back panel is made of foam, wood dowels and composite.


  1. OMG Dawn...I can't believe the problems you are having to deal with. I was thinking you were close to getting her buttoned back up, but this last set of photos tells a different story. I'll continue to send you good thoughts as you deal with this!

  2. Thanks so much! Yes I'm really glad I went with my gut and kept going (granted my dad gave me a little push too by confirming we both still smelled mold.)

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  4. You are so welcome! I visited your site - I'll keep the link in the comments so people can find you!

  5. Dawn, did you have any recourse against the seller/manufacturers of your TAB? This is very discouraging to any potential purchases of this brand of campers.

    1. The original company was no longer in business and the new company, Pleasant Valley Trailers, that purchased the rights to the name is manufacturing super high quality campers now. I would definitely buy a new one. They were so helpful in the repairs of the old camper, even though it was done completely differently. I hope this helps!