Saturday, March 3, 2012

Repairing the Delaminated Side Wall

Delamination is when the outer skin of the camper separates away from the wall it is attached to.  In this case you can see exactly where the water damage was the day we brought her home. Right down there behind Madison (the chocolate Lab), bottom right.

When the water was standing in the back trim, the floor and walls absorbed the liquid like a sponge.  Inside the wall there was a thin sheet that had rippled and bowed inside the skin. That's where the bubble came from.

To fix this I took out as much of the composite separating the outer skin from the interior foam and wood pieces using whatever I had, pliers, forecepts etc.
Once that was done I cut pieces to fit along the very edges to replace the rotted wood I had cut out.

Using liquid nails (the temp must be between 40 and 90 degrees during application and dry time of 24 hours) and a blue plastic spackling tool to squirt liquid nails on, I spread it in between the outer skin and interior foam/composite/whatever was left.
I then covered a 4x6 long enough to cover the space and pressed it against the outer wall using a car jack and the side of our concrete house.

I also added some clamps along the back edge.

I let the clamps sit 48 hours and then removed them.

I will now be able to glue the wood pieces in to replace the rotted wood so I will have something to screw the trim into.  I will also fill in any gaps with some expandable foam.

It's not perfect, but much better. 

Next up I will glue the wood in shown above, screw the back panel in with L brackets and put the plywood over the floor in the back.

After that a new roof is on the way.  I'll be replacing the roof.  That should be interesting.

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