Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Roof Has Arrived

My new roof showing up on a flatbed with three Little Guys and a very nice Audi.
Jeff (the driver) let me look inside the Little Guys and let me tell you, if you think TABs are little, these things are tiny.  Cute, but I think about half the interior room of my TAB.

My new roof came in this wooden box.  Thanks Ed from Little Guy for the nice box!

We liked the wheels on this little guy.

 Back at the house I replaced the rotted wood at the very base of the front.  Had we not removed the roof I never would have known there was a leak there as well.

My shiny new roof!  I've never been more excited about a roof in my life.

Everyone do an anti-rain dance for me because we want to get this puppy on today!

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