Monday, March 5, 2012

Replacing the wood between the exterior skin and interior wall

Yesterday I worked on the camper most of the afternoon.  I got the wood to replace that rotted wood from in between the external skin and interior wall.  I glued in pieces that I had cut to fit the space made by the removal of the rotted wood, treated them with water seal and glued them in with liquid nails.  Next I clamped the glued in pieces with various clamps (and my propane tank is leaning against it too, helping out.)

I also got most of the remaining red trim washed and prepped with mineral spirits to be painted next time.

My father in law came over and we removed all of the metal trim along the roof and the base of the camper in the very front, and the front bin that holds the battery and propane tank in order to prepare for my new roof!

This shows what it looked like before we removed the roof trim - you can see that the metal runs along the top, secured by screws.  This has to be removed and cleaned of white caulk.  The front red bin is bolted and screwed down.  We removed the battery and tank to gain easier access to remove it.

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